We highly recommend you our Gourmet Restaurant and Room Service Menu which offers authentic Indonesian Rice Table Menu for lunch or dinner cooked the traditional way and according to the well known and best seller cooking book the “best 1000 specialties” of Indonesia. Also try Bali Holiday Resort most wanted popular specialties from the Western and Asian cuisine.

All our specialties are prepared according to proper standard food recipes as required in the hotel industry and our team of Chefs and Cooks have prepared all specialties with eye for details and according to a consistent quality, good presentation and a good taste.

Food at the Bali Holiday Resort is not been prepared simply to fill the stomach but Food and especially cooking it is without doubt an art of how to blend creativity, presentation, taste and quality to be one in soul as we are preparing and serving daily many souls which are our honored Guests and Humans.

Wishing you a pleasant stay with us and most of all enjoy as much as possible our Food & Beverage facilities and services for reasonable prices and even better for Value for Money!!!

The Bali Holiday Resort Family.

Excerto do “Room Service Menu” do hotel Bali Holiday Resort em Seminyak.